Smooth scroll with sidebar


i’m having difficulties with smooth scroll in large screen view. When i click on the second link in sidebar it doesn’t scroll at all but when i scroll down with my mouse and click again on the same link it scrolls to top(im using 100% browser height sections). And if i click on the third link it scrolls me to that second link/section. On mobile and tablet devices with sidebar menu collapsed to top works fine. Whats goin’ on?
Sidebar +

Thanks :smile:

Do you have a link so we can see.

I edited my post with a link. Every help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @macimrvica, sorry to hear about the trouble, the preview link did not seem to work, can you check that again, and make sure the read only link is enabled. Cheers, Dave

Are you trying to create something similar to this?

If so I can help you once your preview link is working.


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