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Smooth Scroll Nav// OurApp Template


I purchased the OurApp template and am having an issue with the smooth scroll navigation.

All of the links are working, except for one.

This nav features a button, that links to the desired section of the continuous scroll page.
One button is linked properly, but does not smooth scroll. Instead it jumps. It also does not change color when ‘current’ as other buttons do.

I can’t find anywhere on webflow to edit this. I have copied other working navigation dots, and altered them, and it still does not work.


Add a share link please…

Holy crap! You just crashed webflow on my machine! Never happened before. You have a 5MB hero image!!! That is way too large. You also have a 2.5MB image of the ipad. Actually all your images are not optimized for web and should be resized and optimized.

You should make them smaller and optimize it with They should be 300kb MAX. You also should size them based on how large it will be on the page.

If you aren’t comfortable doing this, I can do this at my regular rate of $50/hr.

I am not sure why the scroll isn’t working. I’d contact webflow about that if it still does it after fixing images.