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Smooth scroll animation in preview, but jerky when published

Hi all,

I’ve been slowly building a site with a lot of animation. During the build, I was previewing it and it all looked like it was working okay. Scrolling was a little jerky, but with some smoothing this really didn’t seem to matter.

The strange thing is that when I published the site, the scroll animations are unbearably jerky. It seems that the scroll action must complete before the animation starts. I’ve gone back and forth and it’s definitely much worse in when published than when previewing.

I’ve created a clone of the site with only one section of animation, which I’ve shared here.

It seems that it shouldn’t be a browser issue, as I use Chrome for both preview and viewing the published site. Also, if this was too much animation, then I would expect the problem to exist in preview also.

It’s all standard webflow other than a tiny bit of custom css in an HTML Embed element,

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link:

Published site:

Can we see your published project.

Of course, my apologies, I hadn’t realised the published site wasn’t available from the public shared URL.

Here it is - thanks in advance!

Hi all just wondering if anyone has any thoughts about this? Am I simply trying to animate too much? But then why does it work well in preview?

Thanks in advance!

Hope this guy can help you.