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Smooth scroll and stuck scroll - help

Hi everyone
I followed this tutorial for the luxy scroll, but all it seems to have done, is making scrolling impossible.
Obviously this is quite a problem! Anyone knows how to fix it?


Read only:

Edit: Actually I’m not sure if the stuck scrolling is caused by the luxy thing. It doesn’t seem to dissapear if I backtrack all the steps.

Edit2: The stuck scrolling is only visible on the published site… :man_shrugging:
Which is here:

When you add custom code, this only works on your published site, so that’s correct.
The other, maybe clear the cache?

Hi Hans
Yes, but as mentioned: even when I delete the custom code, the problem prevails.
I can’t seem to find any caches anywhere in webflow. I thought you could mean my browser cache, but that didn’t work.
Thanks for the suggestions though.