Smaller heading only in browsers

I have searched everywhere and everything looks fine in the designer however once the page is published, the headings become small.

In fact it looks fine for 1 second and then they become small, could you help me to figure out what is going on?

ps: I already tried different browsers, im using client first so the heading are globally manage and they are fine at least in the designer mode in the editor they become small as well.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

here is the live site which becomes small: By Objective

Hi @EdgarAntonioHez :wave: You need to check the chat widget implementation. Some styles from there (including h1) overwrites your Webflow’s styles:

So recommend that you at the first carefully check the correctness widget’s integration (perhaps somewhere there is a missing quote or something else)…

That makes a lot of sense; someone else is in charge of the implementation, but thanks to your help, I’m sure it wasn’t me or Webflow.

Thank you very much!

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