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Smaller breakpoints are not inheriting settings from larger one

On my homepage header, the tablet breakpoint isn’t inheriting the settings I have on my desktop. I can’t seem to change anything. Fonts, margins, size, everything seems to be on lockdown. I can change the values, but nothing happens. To be more specific, in the desktop mode elements are left-justified, but in tablet view, they’re center justified. It’s gotta be something simple that I’m missing here.

Did you started your page from scratch? Because the tablet breakpoint overrides settings on desktop. Maybe there are some previous (template or previous project) settings on your tablet breakpoint.

Yes, the page was started from scratch. It’s possible that is shares some classes with other pages, but still, I should be able to override it… I think

But it is the other way around by default. Tablet overrides desktop, mobile overrides tablet…

Yes, tablet does override desktop, but I can’t even make any changes to my tablet. I’m stuck and locked out. I could give my tablet elements a new class name, but I don’t know why I would have to do that.

it seems like my mobile breakpoints were not only overriding the setting in my tablet, but they were locking me our from making changes to my tablet. I have it working now, but I can’t say that I fully understand what’s going on. Either way, thanks for helping out Matthias.

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