Small WebM Files are 10X the size

Is it common for Webflow to re-encode background videos after uploading? I’ve included two background videos, one sized at 1.2MB and the other at 1.3MB. However, it appears that Webflow is re-encoding them to approximately 10 times their original size, causing a significant impact on page speed. What’s causing this issue, and is there a workaround available?

CleanShot 2023-11-17 at 18.08.59

Webflow does not provide an option to not automatically run its compression/optimization routine on uploaded background videos. So if you want to serve up your more optimized files then using a third party host is the way to do it.

How is taking a 1.2 MB file and making it 9 MB considered optimization or compression? Is this a bug that needs to be brought to their attention?

They run a routine, and it does not return the expected results. I have seen other reports of this issue and experienced it once myself. There should be a wishlist item to allow you to flag an item for ignore if it is under the 30MB threshold. The problem with the wishlist is it often feels abandoned. But localization was on it for seven years, and it looks like it finally happened. When WF does not offer a feature you need, you must devise a workaround. I use other CDNs for assets where I need more control. You could, too.