Small nav is not opening properly?!

When I open the nav in preview mode, I get a huge space at the bottom of the page, below the footer.
There is a big space between the footer and the menu buttons.

I also have problems with the top nav, the menu buttons appear at the same place as the footer menu.

How do I fix this?

Thank you

Can anyone help me? pleas!!!

@cleo - can you please supply is a read-only link of your website in your admin panel.

You can find the instructions on how to do this here:


see if this works, it’s on the about page
I managed to fix most of the problems. Now it’s just to huge space that appears at the bottom of the page, when you open the bottom nav.

hmm - I am trying to figure this out. @sabanna - can you help us?

thank you, I am sure it’s some setting i have wrong :frowning:

No Problem! You’re wanting the bottom nav to sit on top of the nav menu when opened right… not below?

Yes, the big problem I am having is the huge space that appears under the footer bar, when you open the nav.

@PixelGeek ? I am curious on this issue as well - can you help.

I will take a look, in a minute.

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This is the first time I have ever had someone want a menu on the bottom though - what is her reason behind doing so? just so you don’t have to scroll back to the top for the menu I am assuming?

Well, I found the reason of issue, not the way how to fix it yet, but, at least close.
When menu is opening (appear) container, where is this menu inside, will increase it’s height. And even the fact that you will give to menu position:absolute will not change it’s height. I found it by make menu position: relative.

@sabanna, if you wanted to have the appear container sitting on top of the nav element in a entirely new created nav menu, how would you do this? I only ask because I am interested - I don’t ever think any of my clients would ask to have it designed this way though as it is rare to see it done like this.


Ok, I don’t think it is possible to do with standard nav widget. Because generic nav widget has not only tags inside of it, but it’s own functionality, which is controlling by javascript.

But I definitely know that dropdown widget can be styled for opening up. So If there is very important to have footer menu like this, you will have to create custom navigation or style dropdown widget.


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It’s looks like something happens when you have two navs on one page. I tried on a new website and the same thing happens.

Thank you all!

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