Sluggish Designer


For the last few days I have found the editor to be very sluggish and unresponsive. Anyone else?

  • entering text takes a second to register each keystroke
  • slow to switch between pages
  • sluggish navigator
  • etc


Hi @Matt_g

Thanks for posting. We’ve not seen any performance issues in the Editor on this end.

Can you please review the bug posting guidelines and share a bit more information?

​Thanks in advance.


.io site:



Thanks for sharing this infor @Matt_g .

Are you referring to the Editor or the Designer.

I did some testing in both the Designer and Editor, but they seem to be working without much lag.

Regarding performance, it is possible for the Webflow Designer UI to experience slowdowns — mainly on large sites or sites with many styles, pages, and / or complex data bindings.

The team is actively working now on some platform updates to monitor and improve the performance levels across the board. I can totally understand the frustration when waiting in between clicks and I will be standing by cheering with you when the performance levels rise for larger sites.

Some things that can be done now that will help:

  1. Delete any unused classes used on the site from the Style manager
  2. Delete any unused images from the asset manager
  3. Delete any unused page elements from pages
  4. Delete any unused Pages
  5. Delete unused Symbols
  6. Delete unused Collections

Here is a good article you can reference around boosting performance:

I hope this helps while the team continues to work on performance updates.

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