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Slug bug in HTML embeds?

I have a collection named “categories”, slug name category.
And I have a collection named “Blog Posts”, slug name post.

The category template page contains a collection list of Blog Posts (filtered by category but I think this is not relevant).
Within each collection item I have a HTML Embed, referring to the slug like < a href=“SLUG”>…< /a>

When I click on the created link, I end up with a mixture of the category slug and the blog post item name like site/category/blog-post-whatever-is-in-there, which is of course resulting in a 404.
What I need, and what I would have expected since I am iterating posts not categories, is site/post/blog-post-whatever-is-in-there

Any hint or workaround?

Was able to wark around, just by adding the post slug manually into the href:
< a href="/post/SLUG>… did the trick.
Would stil be interested if this intended behaviour…

That’s working as intended. The slug is not the full URL.

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