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Slow Working Site


My website seems to be running very very slowly, can you please help me understand why and how to fix this?
Especially in the media page.

Link to like site:
Link to share:

Thank you!

Hi @ItamarKamar That page has A LOT of HTML embeds. Is it possible to lessen thes embeds or separate them into sub pages?

This would help with the load time.

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You have almost 1000 requests, most of which are the same source.

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What I was trying to do is a carousel in which when the thumbnail is clicked the youtube video link is displayed on the site, however hiding them doesn’t seem to have been the best solution :stuck_out_tongue:
Do you have any ideas how to do this differently?
What I did was give the youtube link in the cms collection along with the thumbnail images, however I don’t know how to create the iframe element on the click of the thumbnail and delete it when a different on is clicked.