Slow loading site


I am working on and the site seems to load particularly slowly. I’ve done all the usual things - made sure images aren’t too large, minifying js/css removed unused styles.

Site uses snipcart and stripe for payments.

Speed tests come back ok and on 4g mobile it’s really quite quick it’s just when on network (have tried different providers/locations and same result)

Any suggestions from the community or Webflow help please?

You can run lightouse in chrome devtools and then look at each area and recommendations. If it was my site I would get rid of the slider. They hurt conversions, and people pretty much ignore them, typically look like crap on mobile and background images aren’t responsive so you are forcing users to load big files for no real gain. The rest it looks like you are stuck with (long load time and render blocking with snipcart.

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Image size is always the first thing I look at when trying to improve load times. You have 5 large images in your slider. Each image is around 180kb. I was able to optimize one of the slider images down to 60kb. Based on this, if you were to optimize all the images on the site I’m sure it would load faster.

speed test in gtmetrix looks nice -

for images you can use for compress them again

Many thanks for the feedback it’s much appreciated.
Client really likes the slider but I’ll see if I can convince to try and cut this down.

Many thanks for the tips, I’ll see what I can do

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Many thanks for the message, I’ll take a look at this.

@theflowerhousenorwic - Here is an interesting article against sliders. I find most of it to be accurate.
Sliders suck and should be banned from your website • Yoast
I also ban Yoast from my Wordpress site builds :slight_smile: