Slight jitter in looping animation, not sure what to do

Hi everyone,

I have 2 animations looping from one end of the viewport to the other end. As the motion plays, I notice very slight hiccups in the animation (really slight jitters/freezes). Any idea what may be causing that or how to resolve it? The animation is pretty basic (start at 100vw, end at -100vw, loop).

First animation is in the top of the screen just below title (an airplane with a banner moving right to left), the second animation is at the bottom just above the registration form (a car moving across the landscape, from left to right).

This is my project: Moneyworld
read only link:[…]ef54b1fbba&pageId=611af76eee607481f8d155e4&workflow=preview

Would really appreciate any thoughts on this issue, it’s driving me nuts.

Edit: I’ve tried disabling webflow animation and using a custom CSS, and even tried generating a lottie file for the same animation yet they all have these slight freezes/hiccups! Am I missing something??