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Slidey Slidey, Back and Forth - Need to Stop Horizontal Scroll!

Hi, please help! On tablets and lower, there are many pages that have horizontal scrolling behavior. Not cool.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi, @jpkeene
I when trough your shared link and i cant seem to find any [Slidey Slidey, Back and Forth] pages, i was in editor preview mode, do you think this behavior is on published hosted live website? mobile hand held?
If is on your phone which phone do you use and can you share the Original link to the page. I can try to see on my google pixel phone if i can replicate your “Slidey, Slidey” Issue.

Certainly! It is, using an iPhone 6S

I’d love to know if you see horizontal scroll issue on the google pixel.

Yeah i manged to find see the Issue on my phone, hopefully ill come up with a solution, im going trough your Classes and Layouts. So far i found one issue your header slider and the Slide with a Quote are the culprit here. Give it a look something with overflow.

Awesome, good find. How do I fix that? Anyway to hide overflow?