Slideshow with text links instead of default circles


I have a slideshow with 4 different slides. Now, instead of using the default menu with the 4 circles, I would like to link each slide to a text link I’ve created above. Kind of like the example I attached.

(When you click one of the text links, the image on the left and the headline + text below change)

How do I achieve this? Custom code maybe?

Thanks for your help!

Hey @annikaschneider,

I found a hack that can help you, I’m sure it works with text links. Have a try anyway and let us know how you get on.

All the best,

Thanks for your help! This is almost what I’m looking for, but instead of it being a carousel, I want the user to trigger the change of slides by clicking on the text links.

Sorry this is not a solution but I’m looking for a similar slideshow control. I’m trying to achieve this ‘slider’ in Webflow:

@annikaschneider @ConnectCreativeDes This should help

The right person to help you achieve what you need is @samliew.

All the best,

Many thanks Naweed, greatly appreciated. What I guess I really need is a hybrid of the slideshow and tabs system. Using the slideshow I can’t edit the nav dots (which I’d ideally like to be fully editable as thumbnails), or, have the tabs ‘auto-cycle’ through themselves like a slideshow but controllable via clicking on any tab. This solution here is closer but afraid I’m still searching!

I’ll reach out to @samliew