Slideshow shows background image

Hi all,

I’ve just started building websites with Webflow and starting to wrap my head around some it’s features. However, I’m a bit stuck with one part of the slideshow function.

I’ve only loaded 1 image in the CMS the slideshow seems to want to show an extra slide even though I haven’t set one in the CMS. I’ve got around this by loading the logo as a background image.
You can see the example here -

I’ve tried to control this with a Conditional Visibility command i.e. 2nd image is visible when… 2nd image is Set - it seems to work on the other slides are set with this function but not the 2nd slide.

When I have all of the slides loaded with images it functions fine -
Although the slight visibility of the logo during the slide transitions is annoying so it’d be great to know a work around.

Please let me know if I’ve set this up incorrectly or if there’s some custom code I can add to the slideshow to not show the background image if a slide is not loaded.


Just wondering if anyone else had come across this issue and worked out a solution?