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Slideshow inside of a collection item?

I am working on a portfolio where each item needs more images to be displayed. And they can be a variable amount of images too. Any ideas for how to handle this?

Hi @mrtunes,
Webflow is working on a multi-image field in the CMS, see this wishlist item below:

As a workaround I often setup a CMS Collection for Slideshows where I have created X fields where you can upload images. You can then choose to add a reference field to the Slideshow CMS fields setup, or you can choose to add the reference fields in your Portfolio CMS fields setup. Via the CMS Collection Page Templates you can refer to the connected slideshow and present the relevant slides.

More info about the reference field can be found here:

Ok thank you I think for the user we will wait until it’s officially supported and just try to include some images in the rich text editor. I will try this reference field if it’s necessary but it seems a little confusing.