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Sliders slides are breaking the layout

Hey there,

I don´t know why, but my layout is breaking when adding more than one Slide inside the Sliders Element. Please have a look into the screencast. Can anyone help me?
Maybe our webflow guru @vincent ?

Thank you, Nils

My read-only-link:

Anyone an idea? I can´t figure out how to solve this.

Really weird behaviour, might be pulling it from some of the classes that you have add on since you do have quite a lot of classes stacked. IMO There are a few things you can do:

  1. Simplest one is to just set your Slider element to have maximum width of for example 400px and test it out for every screen to see how wiide you can set it to be.
  2. Build out a new hero with new classes that are clean and you know what each one does
  3. Report this as Bug, maybe it simply is that

I just checked one for max width and it seems to be working, let me know how it goes, cheers!

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Hey, thank you for the answer.
Unfortunately none of the suggestions worked.
I can´t set the max-width to a fixed value, cause I want to have responsive text breaking.
I´ve build a new slider with new classes and minimum styling. But the same problem appears.

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