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Sliders not initialised after screen rotate on mobile device

Hey Gurus,

I have different set of sliders for phone portrait and landscape mode on my single page site. Everything works as expected on PC/Chrome/preview
However, once I export code, host it, and view it on mobile phone the following happens:

  • page loaded in a specific mode (say portrait) works fine
  • but if phone is rotated afterwards, all sliders are not functional (arrow clicks do nothing) plus slider navs (dots) disappear.

way to hack it:
reload page in new orientation.
or just open/close menu.

Effect is reproducible on various phones: iphones/android/windows.
So I guess sliders are not initialised on screen rotate (orientation change)…??

I know (presumably) how to track orientation change in code but what Webflow function needs to be executed on orientation change to re-initialize sliders?

Thoughts, ideas much appreciated.