Sliders - mobile portrait and landscape issue

Hi everyone,

I’m having some problems with sliders on the page I’m building:

I’m building a portfolio page, consisting of multiple sliders. Every slider contains a project, a user can simply slide to the next slide to see more info on each project.

This works fine, except for when I look at it on my phone. When I scroll down to the next project, the slider often slides horizontally to the next slide by itself, making for a very confusing and annoying user experience.

I’ve enabled ‘Disable swipe gestures’, and disabled ‘Autoplay slides’, I’m not touching the left or right arrow area either when swiping down, but the problem still persists. I have been trying to fix it all day and find solutions on the forum, but without succes, it’s driving me nuts:) (I’m using Google Chrome on my android phone).

I really hope you can help me out, it’s much appreciated, thanks in advance.

(As a reference, this is what the slides look like on desktop.)

Hi @KoenW, thanks for the post. Could you update your post with the site read-only link:

That way it will be easier to check the slider design properties and styles.

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