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Sliders: is it possible for navigation elements to stack under the slide content?

I need to design a slider where the Left Arrow, Right Arrow, and Slide Nav components stack, block-style, underneath the slide content, but it seems as though the hard-wiring of the slider prohibits this.

Here’s a two-minute video that demonstrates the problem I’m trying to solve, and what I’d like to achieve:

If anyone might have a solution to this, or could share their insights either way, I would really appreciate it.


Here is my site Read-Only:

Video removed …


Thank you very much, Stan, for taking the time to try to help me with my problem.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I made what I’m trying to achieve clear. It’s not that I’m trying to create a space between the quote and the attribution rather than between the attribution and the navigation, but that I’m trying to remove all the spaces and have all three elements—the quote, the attribution, and the navigation—stack, one on top of each other, with no space, but also to adjust, as block elements typically do, if one line breaks into two, when, say, the viewport decreases.

I’m made another short video that I hope makes clearer what I would like to achieve:

Thanks again.

hi @Chuck_Braman here is easy fix to achieve your design :wink:
Just change Flex to End

You can also play with whole Slider and Mask height but principle to have a compact slider is the same.

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Thank you very much, @Stan, that’s the solution and I never would have been able to figure that out by myself.

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