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Sliders as show on click do not work (already show up on page load)


I have a slider on my website that I’d like to display as none when the page loads which will then appear when one clicks on the corresponding button (displayed a bit above). I’ve followed the “show and hide on click” tutorial on webflow which seems to work with other elements, however not these sliders. I’ve tried putting them into div blocks but that did not seem to work either.
This is to be found on the events page in the section of the impulse summit when clicking on the buttons of speakers, conference schedule and attending companies. The public share link is to be found below!

I’d be grateful if someone were able to help me find a solution to this problem!


Here is my public share link:

Hi @DominiqueS and welcome your link is not functional and I’m getting 404.

Thanks @Stan for the message and sorry for that!

I accidentally switched it off again before…


It’s working as expected. All you have to do to make your sliders display: none. This mean when page load they would not be displayed

and than just add button action SHOW/HIDE. Because is already set not to be in DOM you do not need set initial state

I have not looked at your site, i. On my iPad. Is this done with interactions? If it is be sure to set the initial state to true when the object is set to no display

Thank you very much @Stan , now it works!

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