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Sliders and Tagline

I’m facing two problems at the moment, I understand it’s a question that keeps coming back but I couldn’t find a solution online that worked. hope you can help me:

  1. how to create a slider that fits to image height?
    I’ve changed the image and it shrink to the slider size instead the opposite.

  2. every image in the slider will get a specific tag line which I named “Div-Tagline”. how do I make the tagline change with its image?

Thank you :):pray:t3:
if you can please add screenshots because I’m new to Webflow

this is the link to my website

and this is how I want the sliders to appear in different sizes:
website-1 website-2

Hi Carmel, Welcome to the forums :grinning:

My name is Jörn and thanks for getting in touch about sliders and height; I’m happy to assist.

There’s a little trick here to make the slider follow content height. Even though the slider element has an auto height set(greys letters) you need to write Auto in the height field.

Note, the slider will have the same height as the tallest slide. So in your case, you’ll need to have the images in the slide the same height.

One other option is to set the height you want to the slider and have background images in the slides instead. Background images will be cropped if they have another ratio. Read more about that here.

About the overall layout and other questions I quickly made a project and wonder of it is something like that you wanted to build?

Here’s the read only if you want to take a look at how I made it.

Please let me know if it was helpful and if you need any further assistance with this.

Kind regards,

Jörn :sweden:

thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

sorry if it wasn’t clear enough: I want the “slider Caption” to be an “Image Caption”, and for the caption to change according to each image on the slider.
Like you did, only in the location of the “slider Caption”, the text won’t appear on top of the images. is it possible?