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Slider works in preview but blank online

I’m having a real hard time with a slider.

I have 4 slides, each with an image in the background (as shown in the slider tutorial) and when I preview it, it looks great. But when I publish it, the slider is the wrong height and empty.

It’s on the home-v2.html page.

Here it is online:

And here it is in webflow:
Here is my public share link:

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you

Looks fine (on chrome and firefox). If you already fix the problem close this topic :slight_smile:
read more her:

That’s very strange…it was absolutely not working when I posted it last night, but now it is. How is that possible?

clear Cache. bug. browser problem. maybe you change something. I don’t know without code.

Mark as solve to close this topic :slight_smile:

Turned out to be a cache issue. My apologies for the lameness.

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Not need to apologie. Its happen in code (Cache make a lot of problems in develope/design process).

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