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Slider with image containing text - contain whole image

Is it possible to have a slider that has images with text in them–one flat image-- and not have any of the image or text clip as the window is resized?

I have 2 images that the customer is going to provide that are flat jpg files with text on them that I need to have in a slider. I don’t want to recreate the slides with text boxes inside of the slider, simply drop the images into the slider at 100% width with height on auto and have it adjust to contain the entire image on resize. Is this possible and how would I go about doing it? The images would be 1920 x 600.

Yes, you would just have to adjust the width and height as you move through the breakpoints. However, it is highly recommended that you don’t have text flattened on an image for this issue. It is best to separate the two and allow them to move freely within the slide. That way you can update the message.


The more I messed with it and tried to make it work, it made more sense to have it as separate elements. Thanks!

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