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Slider with dynamic content

I am trying to add to add dynamic content into a slider component via a ajax call. I can add the content, but I need to know how to get the slider component to redraw. Because the data gets added asynchronously, the component doesnt see the content as slides, so the cannot be paged. Is there a public method in the slider that will force a redraw?

Hey @jstobbs, it does not currently- but I can add one fairly easily. Will do this and post back when it’s ready. :thumbsup:


Thanks Dan

I managed to get it to redraw by editing webflow.js, but its nasty. I would prefer a cleaner solution, so I’m looking forward to your response.

Ok, this is ready to go. I just pushed an update which will allow you to manually redraw the slider.

After you’ve inserted your slides via ajax or some other async method, you can then force all sliders on the current page to re-build their slides using this method:



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