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Slider widget not rending correctly during responsive device type change

Hi there,

My Webflow site has a Gallery section which displays a series of images.
In desktop mode the Gallery is displayed as a Slider Widget. For all other screen sizes the Gallery is displayed as Lightbox thumbnails.

I’m experience some unusual behaviour. If I load the website initially with tablet dimensions the Lightbox thumbnails display correctly (Image 1). However if I then scale that same browser session horizontally, displaying the desktop site, the Slider Widget Gallery only displays the first photo without slide navigation. Pressing the arrows doesn’t display the next image. (Image 2)

The site works correctly if I first load the page in desktop mode then scale the browser session down horizontally to tablet mode, then up again to desktop mode. (Image 3)

The use case is for a iPad Mini. If a user loads the website initially in portrait mode then rotates the device to landscape the Gallery Slider doesn’t display correctly.

See the images below:

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Any ideas what the issue could be here?

This is my first Webflow site and I’m enjoying the design process so far.

Here is my public share link: LINK

Hi, to me your website acts exactly like in the WF designer. Desktop is a slider, tablet is a gallery with multiple items and other breakpoints have 1 thumb.

Check what I see :

So I’d say everything seems fine.

Hi Vincent,

I can see the behaviour at 39 seconds into your video just before you reload the page.

If you try clicking the arrows within the slider at this time the next image won’t load. You can also notice that the dots at the bottom of the slider are missing at this time.

Thanks for looking into this

Hi @vincent any ideas what this could be?

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