Slider visible on desktop but not mobile?


I have a CMS slider made from finsweet tutorial. Furthermore I have set slider to 25% on desktop and slide 100%, to display a little more than 3 pr. page, but only slide 1 item pr time arrow is pressed.

Works perfectly fine on desktop, however on mobile the slider is not showing on published site. When in preview the slider is showing excactly as in desktop version (no content, as the content is in hidden CMS collection), but not on mobile published…

Hope you can help put - much appreciated.


Is is regarding “slider 8” at the very bottom of the front page:

Bonus: Also if you have a good idea for how to make the right arrow, be in the right place (since slide is not 100%, the arrow is to far to the left by default) -hit me. right now i placed it with absolute percentage, which is not ideal for screen responsiveness.

I’m having the same issue, were you able to solve? Thx!