Slider transition issues

I’ve had it a few times where I have my slider set to fade from one slide to the next and it was all working fine when suddenly it starts jumping on the last slide with no fade. Then suddenly it works again. Then suddenly it stops working again. All this without changing anything on it. It works fine in the editor but now when previewing

I am unable to repro your problem. Perhaps provide an example link?

I am unable to provide an example link for NDA reasons ( I would provide a cutdown version if I was able to easily delete all pages and just leave the buggy sample but as it’s been mentioned elsewhere, this takes a long time which I simply don’t have) but in any case I can’t reproduce it at will, this happens randomly.
The latest bug that I’m dealing with now is that all my slides crossfade except the last one which slides in. Strange, as far as I know it’s impossible to define different transitions for different slides within the same slider yet this is happening.

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