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Slider toggle button with arrows

Hey guys @Waldo @cyberdave @sabanna

I was wondering if someone can take a look on that and might help me get a workaround in that .

I have a slider like you can see below that changes slide when I toggle through the custom menu I did on top. Of course, I followed one of the forum solutions to do that menu linked to the slider.

Now the socond hassle if i may say is to change their active states when clicking on the arrows. They’re only two slides so everytime i click on one arrow right or left it should enable and disable the active state of the top menu.

The trickest part here is I might be clicking on the same arrow everytime either right or left or sometime together, so I can’t figure how to put this logic into a small script or so.

Here’s my preview link, the page is called “services” and you can access it throught the top left mini burger menu.

And here’s the website link:

Thanks a bunch!

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