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Slider thumbnail pics

Hello Everyone,

I am asking for help making a slider with thumbnail pics instead of the "dots’ navigation.

Any Help will be much appreciated… I have a deadline coming up and can not find anything
that works… have been trying for days!

I appreciate any help! Thank You

Hey Levi,

I’ve actually got a similar issue, did you end up solving it?

Would love to know!

@Levi123 @Tmc, check this out :

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Hey @Pasint Thanks for the link, I stumbled across it before and it was definitely close to what I was looking. I’ve animated a landing page in after effects and I’m really keen to at least get the look of the slider I designed, even if it isn’t the same interaction. I’ve linked to a video of it below

I got the inspiration off a website -

If you’ve any idea about how it could be done, I’d love to know. Been scratching my head on this one for a couple weeks, keep running into dead ends

I’ve had a suggestion before about Slider JS but again, I can’t figure out how to get one of the slides to be sized larger than the rest

Cheers again

Ok, so this is not the thumbnails replacing the navigation bullets, but the slides changing size when getting into focus.

You’ll want to check out the amazing work these guys did:
It’s a custom layout, not using Webflow’s slider widget, but the result’s mechanic is what you’re after I believe. Her’e the link for this on Webflow, it’s even cloneable:

If you want to keep using the slider widget, you could maybe work something out using the “slider change” element trigger in Interactions.