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Slider start from slide #

Hi guys!
I want Slider starts from the middle of the image gallery. I have 20 images and i whant slider starts at 10. Did i miss somekind of checkbox in Slider setting? Or Is it possible with code only?


Reply to myself :slight_smile:

In Custom Code - Footer section place code :

$(document).ready(function() {
    $('#sliderId div:nth-child(slideNumber)').trigger('tap');


$(document).ready(function() {
    $('#gal1 div:nth-child(10)').trigger('tap');

Hi @Reacol!

I’m trying to implement your solution but i can´t get it working.

Since the name of the div is “nth-child”, do i need to name a block with this text? (i did the propoer thing with the slider name).

thank you very much for your help!.

“nth-child” it is not the name of the div!!!

The name of the div should be used after “#” (see first pattern of use - #sliderId). If you have done this - the rest of the method is to specifiy slideNumber. div:nth-child(slideNumber)

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Thanks @Reacol!

I presume that the name of the div (#sliderId) should be the same of the entire slider? or just a slide?.

Sorry no to good at this, i did everything you said but it´s not working for me :frowning:

Edit: i notice that the code appear in the botton of the page, so i think there is something missing…14

Try real demo. Find differences in code and whats missing.

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Tried this but it still wont work. Has something changed since?

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Thanks @Reacol for the code
The code works fine
@Dave01 just needed to wrap it with <script></script> tags

@Dave01 and @aOne

I was also having trouble getting the code to work. Just solved my issue however.
Make sure you have input a name in the slider ID section for in-page linking. This then should be the #sliderID within the code.


Hope that helps.

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Any idea if this still works? On my site it works on mobile but not desktop…

I was able to implement this without any issues

It took some time to start showing up but IT WORKED! Thank you

It worked perfekt (I have only used for mobile version). Thanks @Reacol for the Code! And also thanks to @Yeza and @Studio42 for the extra Info.

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Is there any way you could show me a screenshots with the steps? Because I’ve named my slider section to “slider”, added the custom code that was provided but It still shows up the first div?