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Slider showing last slide blank

Anyone know how to make the last slide not be blank when set to auto play slides? Can’t seem to figure out how to seemlessly go from last slide to first slide on autoplay without a blank space in between.

Hey @adifferentur , can you please share a read-only link to your project?

Yes! Webflow - deloreta2

Here’s a screenshot of the slider in question

Hey @adifferentur , I am not sure if you can achieve this with IX2 and Slide autoplay. You may have to use a bit of custom code if you are comfortable with it. Take a look at this hack:

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hi @adifferentur as @imtiazraqib mentioned WF Slider is everything but useful if you need something more than very basic slider. Of course there is an option to customise (hack) it but is PIN. Trick do doubling slider container is shown in several videos related to WF but this hack is let say not optimal to use, but of course is up to you. There are much better Sliders/carousel JS libraries that offer much more advanced functionality than basic WF Slider and implementation to WF is not to difficult.

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