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Slider scaling issue

as the sliders scale it moves the entire slider edge along with it. How can I keep it in a fixed area ?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Orchid-Homes


Hey @Bios_Media, if you are talking about how the BG Image zooms in and then resets to fit the container, it is due to the image interactions setup within your project.

Each slide has in interaction where the BG Image has an increased scale set as initial and then reverting it to 100%. If you get rid of the BG Image Scale animation, you’ll achieve what you are looking for.

so the bottom of slider grows into it not so thats better than before. But not the ends of the site are extended. Any suggestions ?

Within your slider, select the Mask component and set it’s overflow value to hidden. That should get rid of the overflowing content on the sides.

let me know if this works for you!

YES it worked ! thank you, appreciate the help