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Slider responsiveness issues

Hello everyone

I am having an issue in the home page, under Section 100w550pxH Section and I have the same identical slider on the About UMI page.

If I duplicate a slide (it could be slide 1 or 2), then it is no longer responsive and falls off the page when looking at the smallest mobile (vertical view). Not sure how to fix this. Can anyone help?

Here is a video:

Here is my project link:

Thank you

Hi @katvazquez, thanks for your post On mobile views, remove all margins from your elements and use padding instead. If the content in the slide plus the margins exceed the body width, you will see the overflow as shown in your video.

I hope this helps.

Hi Dave,

I went through all the elements on the mobile vertical view on the Home page. I went through and removed the margins. However, I’m still having the same issue. Furthermore, if I try to add padding to the paragraph (named main paragraph) it just keeps going off the page.

Here is the updated link again (has been transferred to client):

Here is a video showing issue. Please see issue for slides on the mobile vertical view at the smallest setting:

I don’t know how this happened, but something caused the responsiveness to go all out of whack when trying to fix other parts. Please see link for video from client. I do not see the same issues on my laptop.

The video is a bit crude but on the home page, in the 100vh Section, the white text is falling out of the blue box named benefits wrapper. Also, in the next section (named 100vw) the elements inside the “featuresBlueBox” container have spread out all weirdly.

Also, in the Policies page the alignment for everything is out of whack and you now have to scroll to see the entire photo. If you continue to scroll, you also see how the alignment is all off and the elements are everywhere.

Attached are some screenshots of what I’m seeing on my screen.

Please help!

Read-only link:

Video link:!Au_J6lSMeYs1hwQm5cmfGOpdquyp

Published website link: