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Slider – replace label numbers with text

Hi forum. I am trying to replace the slider nav [dots or number etc] with text, a heading for slide. The attached screenshot is from a laptop manufacturer’s website, you can see the example I’m referencing in the second section of the page. You can see if the headings are all static but whichever you click become active, changing the screenshot above and the text below.

What is crucial is that the heading of each slide is visible before you arrive click through the slide, ie putting the headings in each slide card won’t work.

Any help much appreciated. Thank you

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Hi @Max_Wilson

You can recreate this with a tab component instead of a slider component.

Great Odin’s Raven! You can! Amazing, thank you Pierre.

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Except… with the example screenshot above, the tabs – “tabs menu” in Webflow – is between two elements which you would need to place in the “tab content” in a tabs pane. Does the problem with the solution make sense?

With the tabs component you can do: Content / Menu

With the example it is: ContentA / Menu / ContentB – content A and B are two parts of the same pane.