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Slider random start

Couldn t find a easy help for a random slider.

Would also already help just to have a random slide start, so that everytime you come to the site, there is an other slide.

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You dont have this option “build-in” in the slider.

Try this (you must add some JS code “before body tag”):

If this wont work ask again

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Thank you , I looked at this. But it was not clear where i have to paste the script, and if i have to give IDs to the slides, or slider or mask?


follow one to one this example (click on “open in webflow” button)

(create new slider to learn this topic. And thats it)

  $(".mask").append($(".mask").children().sort(function () {
    return Math.random() - 0.5;

$(".mask) This is the jquery selector (class selector) so add to your mask this class (+ remember to put this code "Before </body> tag (under gear icon next to the page name)


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