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Slider question

Good evening. I want to make my slider images the size of the background, where it covers the entire page. But the problem that I’m having right now is, the nav bar won’t sit on top of the image, like a regular background images allows. Is this possible? Or is there limitations within the slider? Thanks in advance.

Hi @legacys7,

If I understand what you mean, than that is possible.
Can you share a read-only link?

Good evening Avivtech. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. The link isn’t my website. But if you look at the main page where the navigation sits on top of the background, I’m trying to do the same thing with a “slider”, where it fills the entire page, the navigation sits on top of the slider pictures, and the visitor can click on the right or left arrows. My main page is similar to this main page. But it’s only a background image, which is what I’d wanted. But it’s the other pagers where I am using the slider to have the same look. I just can’t get the navigation to sit on top, is my issue. I hope this makes sense. Thanks.

So, what about that?

Sorry for the late reply. Here’s my website. If you look at the home page. I want my “portfolio” images in the slider, to look like the background (style wise) image is on my home page, where it covers the entire page, but viewers can still hit the left and right arrows. Is that possible? Thanks in advance.

Hello @legacys7

Here is how you can share your read only link:

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Thanks. I’ll look into this.