Slider not starting, only sometimes

I’m having some trouble with a bit of a complex issue.

I’ve used a slider with some custom code to integrate it with a CMS library. Ideally when you land on the page the slider should advance through some images. This did work perfectly when I first created it. But a few months later it stopped working for some reason. The weird part is that it will often work when I first land at the page after some time has passed, but then stop working after navigating some other pages and going back.

Below is a link to view the page. I’d REALLY appreciate some help on this because I’m very stumped and my client needs it fixed. Thanks!!!

Hi @Reid_Parsekian, have you considered that webflow pauses slider on hover by default? There may be some workaround with some custom code for this by changing the trigger for the Mask to hide.

You can create an empty Div on top of the slider to override the hover behaviour.

Ideally, this is solved by adding a pointer-events: none, however I believe this will disable to click that redirects to the project page.

Thanks for the help @dennyhartanto.

Yes, I ran into that issue when I first developed the site. So I added pointer-events: none to .fs-slider and .mask-wrapper. So I’m still unsure of why it would be pausing.

It could be perhaps the CMS items are not populating? What’s weird is when I find it freezing and then open up web inspector it unfreezes…

Here’s a video showing how the slider is frozen and then I resize the viewport and suddenly it unfreezes. Really weird.

The pointer-events you’ve added to .fs-slider, .mask-wrapper don’t seem to affect the autoplay. However, looking at the recording that might not be the issue after all.

I can’t replicate the issue as your video, so I can’t be helpful. You can temporarily try to turn off lazy-loading and see if that affects it.

I was able to fix it!

I simply needed to upgrade from CMS Library to Attributes (Attributes by Finsweet), which fixed it.

Makes me a bit worried about the future of these types of things and my sites just randomly breaking…

Anyway, thank you @dennyhartanto for sparking this to go somewhere.

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