Slider not draggable on Desktop

Hey there

I have a problem with the Webflow Slider Component.
I know that normally the native WF-slider should be draggable (on mobile and on desktop).
Somehow the dragging-thing doesnt work in my project…

  • Yes, I didn’t activate the checkbox “disable swipe gestures”

Here’s the live website:
Here’s my share-only link:

Could someone have a look at this?
Any hint is very appreciated.

hi @Schuschi_Eyes as far as I know standard WF slider doesn’t support draggable functionality for slider but only for swipe.

  1. draggable functionality (desktop) is done via mousedown - mousemove - mouseup - mouseleave

  2. swipe functionality (mobile) is done via touchstart - touchmove - touchend

these are two different things, this means that WF slider supports on/off only for touch (swipe).

Hey @Stan

Ah okay, that makes sense.
Thanks for the info!