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Slider not displaying correctly on mobile... I'm stumped

Hi all,

Been using Webflow for around 6 weeks, excellent tool and great support. I’ve used the university and support forums to make the website up to this point.

I’ve run into one problem though that I just can’t make sense of or solve. It’s to do with a pop-up I use to capture customer details. Here is how it works:

  1. There is a “Get an offer” button on my site. When a customer clicks it, a multi-step form appears. It’s contained within the “Lead Form Wrapper” div block.
  2. “Lead form Wrapper” contains a Form Wrapper, and within that is a Slider.
  3. You click through each slide, completing 1 question within each one.
  4. On the last slide is a submit button. The form sends off - it all works fine.

The problem comes on the mobile view…

In Preview it looks fine: The slide contents all appear, I can interact with the form as expected, and submit the form. It’s all good.

But when I view it on an actual mobile device, the slide contents don’t appear… I’ve tried debugging this by placing text blocks in a few places to see what does and doesn’t appear. And everything seems to work until you get to the Mask/Slide elements.

Can anyone help with this?!

I’m totally confused. Been able to fix all my other issues throughout the project, but I’m just so stuck on this one because in Preview it looks great, but on the actual device it’s messed up. The Slide contents just don’t appear on the actual mobile device…

To trigger the pop up click one of the blue “Get an offer” buttons on the home page.

Can anyone help?!

Many thanks

Here is my site Read-Only:

Here is my live site: