Slider Navigation Dots Aren't Appearing

Hi community,

I’m having a bit of a puzzler here. The navigation dots in a slider aren’t appearing for me.

I’ve built a ‘tour’ using the slide component, where people can click ‘Next’ buttons that take them through the slides. The ‘next’ buttons work with some javascript, but in order for the javascript to work, the navigation links must be present.

The weird thing is the dots are present in Preview form, but on the live version of the website, they’re not there (breaking the ‘Next’ buttons). I’m also not getting any console errors (I think) that point to a problem. The dots simply don’t appear, even if I invert their colours etc.

You can see the tour on the staging version of the website, clicking the orange ‘take our 50-second tour’ link. The slider is in a modal that appears.

Here’s the preview link:

It’s probably a really simple problem, but I just can’t figure it out!


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