Slider issues in Safari

@Poliigon Sorry, now it worked, didn’t see it was vh!

Thanks a lot!!! :slight_smile:

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@jensvahle your very welcome sometimes you gotta slap a browser around lol

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@Brandon @Poliigon Just one more thing: The text is showing up in Safari now, but with this solution it’s running into issues when resizing the browser.

  1. It’s not always centered. I have to set a new max height for each breaking point, every other view the text is not centered.

  2. Running into issues with the slider when resizing the browser. Please see the video below.

I’m searching for a solution, where the Text is always automatically centered in relation to the tallest slide of the appropriate slider. Is this possible?

Can any webflow admin please look into this? Seems to be a serious bug, I’m not touching any slider settings.

This issue only appears in Safari.

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