Slider Issue on my website

On my slider on Portrait Mode I noticed a message that said the slider has been hidden to protect slider integrity. I am bad at my class stucture and take my time, do quite a bit of copying and pasting then add a class to the copied file so I don’t goof up the original file. I try to copy the same item so I don’t have a lot of extra classes but in the case of the slider I wanted a Slide1, Slide2, etc. Any help is appreciated, I know, if you check this out and respond you are brave. Thanks for the help,

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What device? Where did this message get displayed?

On My desktop when I was getting ready to style the last slide. The entire line of display options is greyed out as well.

Is it time to start over on the slider?


Sliders are conversion killers. Remember that Google is indexing sites as mobile. Fast loads, good structure, user engagement are all factors.

I think you have way to much stuff on that page. What questions are the users trying to answer? Focus on that.

Thank you. I think my customer will want to avoid conflicts with Google. He is trying to grow his business but does like the slider.

I have one question. I know I am horrible at class structure. Since I plan on making a living at this I will search out courses on fundamentals.

Does the poor class structure account for why my website looks fine on all size screens in the designer. AM I CONFUSING THINGS WITH MY POOR CLASS STRUCTURE.

Also, is Webflow UI or UX

Many thanks,