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Slider isn't right aligned!

I recently created my first Slider (yay), but it doesn’t reach the right side of the container (here’s the link to my project)
It’s nested as follows: Section > Div Block(Wrapper) > Columns > Slider.
I can’t see any margins/padding applied to the Slider, or Column… any ideas?


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Hi Omar

First, I want to suggest You not to use columns - instead use GRID- it is easier to orgenaize elements when using grid.

Attach A short video to show You how to make the slider floating to the Right.

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Moshe you’re an absolute legend. Thank you so much! I’m working on my art during the afternoons, but will watch the video and implement it tomorrow. Thanks again :dizzy:

Yup, it seemed to fix it. Float Right on the Slider did the trick (kind of - I had to adjust the R side column padding for some reason).

I will look into Grids. I tried to use them to create the topmost section (the one with the three images) but it didn’t let me drag an image into the first cell - only the others! So I got the impression that it’s a pretty difficult element to use.

Thanks again.


Here I show You how to use GRID

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Thanks Moshe, I appreciate it.