Slider interaction greyed out

Hi all, would anyone know why my slider interaction is unavailable/greyed out please?

Many thanks!

I just tried and added another Slider component on your preview link and the trigger was available. Webflow - Door Fronts - Goo...

Can you try and recreate your slider with a new one?

Ooo it’s you! I love your YouTube tutorials :slight_smile:

Thank you for responding. Yes, I’ve had to recreate the slider and it show’s up when I do this strangely. I’ll just do a copy and paste job then.

Thank you.

Hi Nelson, I’m wondering if you have time to look at this again please?

I’ve applied a slide transition to the slider but I want the copy to fade in and out with each door rather than slide. Can this be done independantly? How would you do this?

Also is there a better way to accurately line up the copy and the left and right arrows?

Thanks again - appreciate any help! Jo