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Slider - Infinite Scroll Rules

I’m a little stumped. I have two sliders on my site. The testimonial slider allowed me to click the infinite scroll function however this option is unselectable for my main banner slider. I don’t know why? Help!
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Hello @UrMarkGetSetGo, I hope you are doing well. The reason why your main banner slider does not give you the option to change the infinite scroll settings, is because you are using an animation type of Fade Over, and infinite scroll is selected by default and cannot be changed when you are using this animation type.

The other slide in your page is using an animation type of Slide. With this animation type you are able to control the infinite scroll checkbox.

I hope this at least answers your question what was different between the two sliders. At the moment the UI does not allow to uncheck the infinite scroll feature for all animation types.

Cheers :smiley:

Ahhhh. I see. This is a webflow thing. So I have to decide which is more important, the animation type or the infinite scroll feature. Got it. You will let us know when this is corrected.

Yes we will of course inform when we have more information or change in functionality.

Thanks Dave. I switched to Slide mode.