Slider images showing incorrectly

Hey there,

I’m having a little issue with my Slide images, see video below:

Heres’ my shared link:

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @jensvahle

I’m not sure I fully understand the issue — can you provide a detailed description of the issue?

Looking at your Read-Only link, the slider appears to be working correctly.

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for checking the issue. True story it’s gone now, but sometimes I’m seeing a tiny line at the left or right side of the slider, while clicking through the slides.

I still have this issue on Safari and the first slider, can you reproduce the issue? Please see the video below:

All the other ones are fine now, just the first one on Safari.

Hi @jensvahle

Thanks for letting me know. It looks like if you resize the browser the line will sometimes be present, and other times it will go away. This is most likely due to using % based widths throughout the design structure.

The solution here is to add a pixel or two of left and right padding on each slide:

Thanks @Brando Great support!

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