Slider image resizing issues

If you take a look at the link above, you’ll see that as you adjust the page width, the image inside the slider moves around, and doesn’t stay proportionate. Is there something I’m missing that’s really obvious to make it responsive with the slider?

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I checked the responsive view it look good
Where you able to manage the stuff at your end ?


Please Add screenshot + read only link. It hard to know like this what is the “resizing issue


You can see it here:

You’ll see that the image in the slider gets punched up and down as the page resizes. Is there a way to lock it in so that the image stays with the same view at all sizes?

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Yes. this is what happening. But you create extra “mask” styles. If you dont know well CSS - the best way is work with background-images for hero-slider (size: cover, position: center-center – (Easier to handle than images).

Thank you very much, think this might work best.