Slider Image Resize

I’m having an issue with getting images in a slider to resize. I have tried VH but the height does not stay the same as the mask, with VH I get an image that is too tall.

Your help is appreciated.

What height are you looking ? - If it’s the same as your images (500px) then you need to set up your actual slider height to 500px.

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I agree with @Throatscratch, to get your images to show up in the full height of the slider, you need to give the height of the slider a pixel height. 500px seems to work very well for your images.

My issue is that the image themselves do not change size.

Matt Miles DSCE, DSEG

Aiel Group

Just use Width, no height. If you use height the entire image will override WF. Expand with 100% or 100vw. But the photo needs to be large.